Tibet Tourist Visa

According to the law of People’s Republic of China, foreigners need TTB Permit (Tibet Tourism Bureau) along with China visa (for China to Tibet route) or China Group visa (for Nepal to Tibet route) to travel in Tibet. Before demanding Group visa to Tibet, you need to apply for TTB through a registered travel agency. Once you get a TTB, then travel agency can apply for Tourist group visa for you when you are in Nepal with your original passport. Group visa is issued in the separate page with the name and passport number of travelers. Group visa can be issued for only one traveler too. Tourist can’t travel alone in Tibet.

There are different permits to visit different parts of Tibet. If you are travelling Lhasa and surrounding, then TTB is enough. If you are travelling different eastern and western regions, then ATP (Alien‘s Travel Permit ) issued by Public Security Bureau or Military Permit is required according to the region. These permits should be applied once the travelers are in the Tibetan territory.

Alien’s Travel Permit will be applied after your arrival in Tibet with your original passport. This permit is required to visit following destinations:

Tsetang:    Samye, Yumbulhagang, Trundruk, etc.

Shigatse:  Sakya, Mt. Everest, Rongbuk Monastery etc.

Gyantse:   Pelkhor Chode Monastery, Kubum Stupa etc.

Ngari:        Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, etc.

Nyingtri:    Draksumtso, Pomi, etc.

Chamdo:  Chamdo, Riwoche, etc.


If you want to visit the border areas, Military permit is required. It covers Ngari, Nyingtri, Chamdo, Riwoche, and overland from/to Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang or Qinghai.


If the demandant of visa has travelled Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq or Iran or Turkey for more than 2 weeks, they will not able to get China Group Visa.