This travel is for discovering the north west part of India from cultural, architectural, religious and natural perspective. The Hindu culture, Sikh and Tibetan Buddhism are observed in this voyage comprising natural degustation.
The program enrolls principally in three cities: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The Mughal architecture and Rajput architecture with their culture are explored during the tour. In parallel the typical markets of these cities and the lifestyle of these peoples are also observed during the sojourn.
This tour complete the four highest pilgrimage sites for Buddhist from all over the world. we follow the foot steps of Buddha from his birth to Mahaparinivana place exploring his all deeds in our mind.
Rajasthan, the city of Maharaja, is the jewel of India. Its very rich art, architecture and culture attract numerous tourists from around the world. Glorious history of Rajasthan makes its people very proud to be Rajasthani.
The cultural and religious sites of Hindu believers and historical forts are explored with different religious ceremonies during the visit. Islamic architecture with its culture goes along with the historical sites makes variant this travel.
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