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Features: In touch with local people, Kwati Punhi/ Janai Purnima Festival, Sa Paru/ Gai Jatra Festival, Ropain Jatra Festival, observing monks' life in monastery, Work with farmer and have lunch with them, learn about local cuisine and have lunch with local people.
The tour is designed to visit two ancient cities: Kathmandu and Lhasa that has significant cultural, historical and commercial exchange since the ancient time. In and around Lhasa, the visit consists of historically and culturally outstanding monuments. Visits also show the development of the city at that time. Contact with local people gives a chance to know more about the city. So, this program is appropriate for people who desire to visit Tibet and Nepal in a short time period.
This itinerary is designed to explore the less visited eastern part of Nepal known for its tea garden, with Jungle safari and Mithila culture of Southern Nepal. In this program you can observe four highest peaks (8000m+) of Nepal from one spot.
This program is designed for the traveler (practitioner or non-practitioner) who searches for a spiritual voyage to dive in the country's spiritual richness through travel with explication and involvement for revealing the essence of the journey.