Islamic touch in hindu circuit

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03 Jan - 14 Jan


11 nights 12 days



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Tour Summary

Day 1    : Arrival in Delhi, then transfer to a hotel. Overnight in Delhi.

Day 2    : Visit Qutab Minar, Lal Kila, Jama Masjid and local market in Old Delhi. Overnight in Delhi.

Day 3    : Drive to Rishikesh. We stop in Haridwar along the way to visit. Overnight in Rishikesh.

Day 4    : Morning yoga practice. Then visit temples of Rishikesh with Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula. Evening, participate in Aarati ceremony. Overnight in Rishikesh.

Day 5    : Drive to Dehradun then flight to Varanasi. Visit Vishwonath temple, Nepali temple and others. Walk to the ghat and participate Ganga Aarati ceremony. Overnight in Varanasi.

Day 6    : Morning, sunrise boating tour. Then drive to Sarnath and visit the site and museum. After we go to visit Alamgir mosque and ancient part of Varanasi. Overnight in Varanasi.

Day 7    : Drive to Prayagraj. Visit Triveni Sangam and Khusro Bagh and Allahabad fort. Then continue drive to Chitrakoot. Overnight in Chitrakoot.

Day 8    : Morning visit Ramghat. Then drive to Khajuraho. Visit splendid temples of western group. Overnight in Khajuraho.

Day 9    : Drive to Jhansi. Visit Jhansi Fort and Rani mahal. Overnight in Jhansi.

Day 10 : Drive to Agra. Visit Taj Mahal. Overnight in Agra.

Day 11 : Morning visit Agra Fort and workshop of inlay art in marble. Then afternoon drive to Delhi. Overnight in Delhi.

Day 12 : Departure.

Tour Day by Day

Day 1

Arrival in Delhi

Welcoming in the Indira Gandhi International Airport by our team and drive to Hotel. Rest of the time is for leisure. Overnight at a hotel in Delhi.
Day 2


Today we visit Qutb Minar, Lal Kila, Jama Masjid and old Delhi. Qutb Minar is a tower, used once as a minaret of Quwwatu’l – Islam mosque, constructed by Qutbu’d-Din Aibak in the beginning of the 13th century was also a symbol of the victory. This place was the first city in Delhi. Lal Kila which was made of red sandstone, was built by Shah Jahan in 1638 and completed in 1648. But he never completely settled in this fort. Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India and the final architectural extravagance of Shah Jahan. Begun in 1644, the mosque was not completed until 1658. Today it is known as Old Delhi but in the 17th century it was named Shahjahanbad after Shahjahan, a Mughal king, who took an initiation to build this city. Overnight in Delhi.
Day 3

Delhi to Rishikesh via Haridwar

Drive to Rishikesh which will take approximately 6 hours for 240km. On the way we visit Haridwar, a get way to mountain range names Siwalek. Haridwar is combined words of Hari and Dwar where Hari means God and Dwar denotes Gate. Thus, Haridwar is Door to God. This is a very holy place for Hindus who come here for a pilgrimage and take a bath in the holy river Ganges and pray for their ancestors. The temples in Sikhara (conic style) and Gumbaj (dome style) are situated in the banks of Ganges. We can observe the Brahmans installed everywhere who give their services to devotees. Overnight at a hotel in Rishikesh.
Day 4


Today we start our day from a yoga class for an hour. Then, after a breakfast, we go to explore the temples situated in the bank of Ganges comprising Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula, two hanging metal bridges over the Ganges named after two protagonists of Hindu epic Ramayana. Afternoon you are free to sightsee. Evening we’ll participate in the Aarati ceremony at the bank of Ganges. Overnight in Rishikesh.
Day 5

Dehradun to Varanasi by flight

After breakfast, drive to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Then flight to Varanasi. Once arrive in Varanashi. Check in at a Hotel and refresh. Then heritage tour to Varanasi, an ancient holy city for Hindus that is dated back to more than a millennia before Christ. Here we visit Bishwonath Temple, the most sacred temple dedicated to lord Shiva which is one of 12 jotirlinga (the linga with sacred flame), Nepali temples and others. Then walk to the different ghats. In the evening, participate in the Ganga Aarari ceremony. After, return back to the Hotel. Overnight at a hotel in Varanasi.
Day 6

Varanasi and Sarnath

Wake up early in the morning for sunrise boating tour on the Ganges to admire all temples and ghats on the bank of the river with a ray of raising sun. Return to the hotel for breakfast. Then drive to Sarnath, a place where Buddha gave his first sermon to five brahmans. We can observe the ruin of monasteries and stupas dated back to the 3rd century BC. A museum visit is another attraction to explore more about Buddhist art and history in Sarnath. Then return back to Varanasi go to visit Alamgir mosque constructed in 17th century and visit local markets and ancient alleys of the city. Late afternoon free for own visit. Overnight in Varanasi.
Day 7

Varanasi to Chitrakoot Dham via Prayagraj

After breakfast, we leave the hotel and drive to Prayagraj for 3 and half hours’ drive. Here we visit the Triveni Sangam, the confluent point of three holy rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswoti (the mythical river). Thus, this place is recognized highly religious site. Hundreds of thousands of people gather here for Makara Mela. We will sightsee Khusro Bagh, Allahabad fort constructed by Akbar and Ashokan pillar. Then we drive to Chitrakoot. Which will take approximately 3 and half hours. Overnight at a hotel in Chitrakoot.
Day 8

Chitrakoot Dham to Khajuraho

Morning visit to Ramghat where devotees gather to pay homage to the river Mandakin and colorfully decorated boats also magnetize travelers. Chitrakoot is known for the place, according to the epic Ramayana, where Bharat met his bother Ram once who left his palace to vanish for 14 years. After the visit we return to the hotel and take a breakfast. Then en route for Khajuraho approximately for 4 hours. Khajuraho, known for its ornate temples that are most beautiful medieval monuments of the country, were built under the rule of Chandela dynasty between 10th and 12th century. We visit splendid temples of western groups adorned with numerous stone sculpture on granite and red sand stone. The site is also known for its erotic art. Overnight at a hotel in Khajuraho.
Day 9

Khajuraho to Jhansi

Drive to Jhansi for around 5 hours. After arriving in Jhansi check in at a hotel. Then go to sightsee Jhansi fort situated at the top of Bhagira hill. The monument was constructed in 17th century but the first war of independence against British East India Company led to a massive destruction. Then visit Rani mahal, once the residence of great Rani Laxmi Bai, constructed in 18th century. Unfortunately, a large part of this building was destroyed during the Indian Rebellion. After the renovation of this monument, it was transfer into a museum with artifacts from the 9th century. Overnight at a hotel in Jhansi.
Day 10

Jhansi to Agra

After breakfast approximately 5 hours’ drive to arrive in Agra. After arriving in Agra, we visit one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. The monument dated back to 17th century, is a magnifique example of Indo Persian Islamic architecture, and a symbol of love. The monument contains the tomb of the couple of the king Sahajahan, who built this monument for the tomb of his wife. The mosque is made of white translucid marble with inlay art of semi-precious stones. Overnight at a hotel in Agra.
Day 11

Agra to Delhi

Morning visit to Agra fort. The fort’s construction started in the 16th century by King Akbar and continued by his successor. The fort was constructed with red sand stone and white marble. At that time, the king ruled from this palace and Agra was a capital city of Mughal. This fort is a best example of Mughal architecture. In the afternoon, visit the inlay work on the stone in the workshop to admire the art work of the monuments of that time. Then drive to Delhi that takes 3 and half hours. Overnight in Delhi.
Day 12


Drop at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi according to the flight time.

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